“If the housing space is the body,
and the furniture were clothes –
Art is like the jewellery, and the perfume
of a Room.”
Johanna Louhi


Art sets the ambiance of a room, it tells a story and lends the final touch to any interior. However grandiose or minimal – Art speaks volumes about You.
You can move around the world, bringing your belongings to any habitation – but it is your Art that truly makes the interior feel Yours.

This is where We meet.
I am offering something I believe most of You need, maybe without you even realizing you do.

Your surroundings looks nice. You have considered and chosen colour schemes, textures, adding statement objects and that designer piece you invested in. You treasure your travel memorabilia, as you do the family photographs scattered around the rooms.
However, most of You have a vague feeling you need something. Something to make your space feel unique.

You are curious about Art – but it seems a bit strange, very elitist and difficult.

Most of you don’t go to Art galleries regularly. If you do, chances that you would stumble across something that really pleases you to the point where you desire to actually buy it, are slim. If you do get that urge, the price usually seems unreasonable.
Granted there is a huge gap between high end collectors’ art pieces – auctioned away for sums equal to entire houses, and cheap massproduced paintings you will find on various markets – often copies of something unique that had a soul.
This is why We meet.

I am Johanna Louhi, a contemporary Artist with a Master’s degree in Architecture from Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture in Helsinki, Finland.
I grew up in a pot of paint next to my fathers easel, surrounded by modern and ancient art. Frequenting exhibitions and visiting the world’s finest museums was part of my upbringing in an art & design aficionado Nordic family.

Art not only frames your individuality, it takes any room from good to great. I understand space & art and how the two – when perfectly paired, can make a better one. I’m passionate about beautiful living spaces that go above and beyond “standard”. Art is the jewellery that elevates rooms and ignites the feeling of being at home.

Welcome Home.

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