A good piece of Art will follow you Your entire life.
Possibly, and very likely, go on to future generations.

The prices of my paintings are in the range of what average leather furniture cost from your regular Nordic low-cost furniture company (around 900-1600€).
Most of us wouldn’t hesitate a minute investing in a sofa at those prices. A sofa however, will stay with you for around 15 years – you move, your needs change etc. While your type of couch does say something about current trends and your taste, there’s nothing quite unique about it. Anybody can get the same anytime.

Art is unique.
There is only ever one of each of my paintings, and no one will have the same as You do.

The same work of art also has a different meaning and value for different persons, because it is personal. Thus, the value of art is unmeasurable. It’s like music, it sets the mood. Something to meditate on that evokes feelings, thoughts and conversations.

This brings us to the actual question:
How much is your daily joy, meditative moment, inspiration – or the ambiance around You worth?
Is it even appropriate to spend “that amount of money” on something which soul purpose is to please and intrigue You?
We buy flowers too. They last for a week.

Yes. You can – indulge yourself.

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